This site was created for believers and non believers. If you are looking to further your relationship with God, then I hope this site can help. I started this blog because of my passion for God. I love the Lord and I love writing so I decided to make a blog about my relationship with God and also the stories of friends of mine. The bible says that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony so to write about the struggles I go through, the messages I speak, and words that God lays on my heart is my passion and how I grow and overcome the enemy and the things of this world. I also love having friends of mine write and I add them too. I started the blog in 2016 but right after I did, I thought to myself what’s the point? And I wasn’t going to keep the blog going. But that night I had a dream that thousands of people were reading the articles in this blog and were coming to the Lord and growing in the Lord. People’s lives were being changed and God was leading people to Him. I woke up and immediately started getting to work and writing and asking my friends to write different articles. I hope and pray this blog blesses you and helps you grow in the Lord.