Your Destiny Never Forgets You

Something God laid on my heart for someone specific but I couldn’t help but share it here too!

When Jonah was in the fish, that fish was carrying him to his destiny. When Jonah prayed in the fish, “God I remember what I told you I would do for you”, that’s when God told the fish to spit him out. And where did he get spit out at? Exactly where God wanted him to go in the first place.

Then the word of the Lord came to him a second time and said arise and go to Nineveh. He didn’t tell Jonah “just be thankful I saved you”. He didn’t say “go home I found someone else” or “I saved you and I replaced you”, he didn’t say “you messed up too much and fooled around too long” but no, He said your destiny never gave up on you.

He continued His plan where Jonah left God. Could God have replaced Jonah? Yes. Could He replace you and I? Absolutely. But He loves you so much that He is just waiting for you with open arms and He will continue His plan for your life right where you left off. Your God has not forgotten you and your destiny has not forgotten you.

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