Judas Was The Only One Awake

When Jesus was praying in the garden, the only disciple that was awake was Judas.

Let that sink in… The devil never sleeps. God never sleeps. But what about the church? Now is not a time to sleep! God is doing something in the world right now. God is moving.

Have you noticed how still and quiet everything is right now? There is no noise from the world. There are no riots, no arguments on social media, its very quiet. There is a reason for it. God is wanting to speak to His church in this season.

It’s a shemitah year in Jerusalem. It’s a year of rest for the land. It’s a year to focus on God without the distractions of the work/world. 2022 is a year of removing distractions. But resting is not sleeping. It is a time to be alert to what God is doing.

You are a discipline of Jesus. Are you sleeping in this hour? Now is not the time for the church to sleep. Now is the time to listen, tune in, and respond to God’s voice.

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