How man times have we gone into prayer and repent of our sins, move on but still feel guilty? We still feel as if that sin had not died. I felt this way today and I tried to move on in my prayer but I could still feel the weight of my sin.

I pray the tabernacle prayer. Before you really pray about anything, you bring your sins to the altar. You repent of your sins and kill them there. Next, you go to the laver of water where the priests would wash the blood off their hands from their sacrifice. This is symbolic for reading the word and letting it cleanse you.

I did this today, repented of my sins and then read the word but I just did not feel clean!

I prayed “God I want to move forward in prayer but I can’t shake this guilt! Please remove this guilt!”

I felt to read again and the first verse I read was Psalms 65:3.
Wickedness and GUILT prevail against me; Yet as for our transgressions, You forgive them [removing them from Your sight].

I immediately felt all guilt leave! God’s word is so powerful! God wants us to live guilt free lives. He came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly!

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