Let Us Rise Up and Build

Then I told them how the hand of my God had been favorable to me and also about the words that the king had spoken to me. And they said, “Let us rise up and build.” So they thoroughly supported the good work.
Nehemiah 2:18 AMP

This scripture is Nehemiah telling the officials he wants to rebuild the Jerusalem city walls and they tell him let us rise up and build.

I feel led to talk about renewal, about spiritual growth. I feel led to talk about getting back to our roots, our deep inner being and reevaluating our walk God. I feel God wants us to turn our attention to Him like never before.


Before Nehemiah left for Jerusalem, some men of Judah came and told him about the escaped Israelites living in Jerusalem who survived the captivity of babylon. The men told Nehemiah how the walls were broken down and the gates had been burned down and the people living there are struggling. This led Nehemiah to mourn and weep, and fast and pray for several days. He had a burden for God’s people.

So he decided to go and rebuild the city walls. He gets permission from the king and then goes to Jerusalem.

After he makes it to Jerusalem, he goes out and inspects the walls. After he inspects the walls, he goes to the leaders. He goes to the nobles, the priests, and the officials and tells them what God laid on his heart to do and then as the scripture I gave says, they said to him, let us rise up and build.

It starts with a burden, it starts with fasting and praying. It starts with seeing yourself as broken and needing work. It brings you to action, to inspecting yourself. Where can you grow? How can you grow?  Evaluate your walk with God. How is your relationship with Him?

After Nehemiah talked with the offials, the high priest began to build. Then next to him, men of Jericho built. Then it just goes down the line. It says “next to him, so and so built and next to him, so and so built”.

This is the part that God gave me originally. Once you start building, others will join in. And when I say build, I mean building our relationship with God and growing closer to Him. Others will start repairing themselves and growing closer to God too because they see the change in you. They see how God has touched you and blessed you and you are a new person. They will see that you are stronger in the Lord, all that building made you stronger and they will want to join in. Your walk with God will impact others. As you get stronger in the Lord, so will the others around you until the whole church body is stronger than it has ever been.

God loves just you so much and craves your individual attention but maybe God desires us not just to be close to us personally, individually, but to be closer to those around us. I believe God wants to get close to you so He can also get close to your neighbor as well.

Thats what I feel God is wanting to get across. He wants His bride. He wants His bride to be His bride. He wants to have companionship with us. He wants our relationship with Him to be bold and strong causing us as a church to be bold and strong and united.

During these crazy times, its God’s will for us to start rebuilding our walk with Him. Its time to get to work. There is a world out there living a life of chaos and darkness. Now is not the time to play around with your relationship with God and entertain this world.

We are the generation of this time for a reason. If God needed Peter to be here during this time then Peter would be here or if He needed Paul, then Paul would be here. But, they’re not here. You are, I am, we are here. We are the church. God has put us here at this time, not them.

Nehemiah saw the broken wall and had a burden to rebuild it. I see the brokenness in this world and I have a burden to rebuild it and it all starts with me. It starts with rebuilding myself. It starts with me focusing on God for myself and getting on my hands and knees and getting to work.

It starts with seek ye first the kingdom of God.

I’m so easily distracted, its important for me to remind myself to seek God first before anything else. My flesh tries to hold me back. I read a post one time that said “your flesh doesn’t care about your eternity because its not going with you”. I have to remind myself that every day. My soul is more important than my distractions. The souls of the church are more important than my distractions.

There are those around you who will not support your work. There will be those who mock you. Snaballat and Tobiah mocked Nehemiah and his men as they built. They said that their work isn’t accomplishing anything and that a fox could run across their wall and it would fall.

Satan is an imitator of God. He tries to be like God by doing what God does. God speaks to us, so does Satan. But God speaks encouragement. Satan speaks discouragement. He will mock you and taunt you saying your work will never be good enough. That is his tactic, wearing you out by tearing you down. But you just keep on building. God knows the times are rough and there are things that He is allowing but how much more so will He give us strength to keep working if we just simply ask.

Now when Satan sees that his mockings are not working, he will fight harder. He will gather more of his crew to come against you with a larger number.

Nehemiah 4:7-8 But when Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites heard that the repair of the walls of Jerusalem went on, and that the breaches were being closed, they were very angry. They all conspired together to come and to fight against Jerusalem, and to cause a disturbance in it.

It started with just two men but when they noticed it didnt matter what they said and Nehemiah and his crew kept building, they got more men on their side. It says they ALL conspired together. There weren’t that many men mocking Nehemiah in the beginning. No, those two went and got more men. They were going to attack. When Nehemiah found out about their plan, he stationed armed men at the weakest part of the wall and were ready for the attack but sanballat and his crew found out that they knew and they backed down. After that, half of nehemiahs workers worked on the wall while the other half held spears, shields, and bows and those working held a weapon in one hand and built with the other.

When I read this, I imagined this image.

Sanballat and Tobiah must have felt like that snake when he found out that Nehemiah knew of his plan.

Like I said before, once you start building, others will join in until the church body is stronger than ever.  We become a strong army for the Lord. Half of the men built with one hand and held a weapon with the other while the other half stood guard with weapons. When I read that, I also imagined the elders and the youth. The elders standing guard ready for battle while the youth built, also ready for battle. The elders have done their time. They have built. They have done a great work to make the church strong and now its our turn to build. We are all in a battle though, no matter what our generation is. They all stood guard full time because the devil is a full time devil. Us as the youth, we have to build. But we also have to be ready for battle.

James 4:7 says Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The word resist means to stand against. Not ignore. The best way to stand against is to submit to and focus on God. Seek first the kingdom. When your mind is focused on God and you’re walking in His spirit, you worship and pray with the full armor of God on, that’s how you stand against the devil.

And when the whole church is standing against Satan like that, he doesn’t stand a chance just like that snake.

With everything going on in this world, God is looking at us. He is starting with His church. We pray for God to change the world and for sin and corruption to be demolished but God is focusing on getting that out of the church first and creating a church spotless and without wrinkle.

The old testament priest acted as a mediator. He represented God to God’s people. He acted as an ambassador, people could come to God through him. He offered the sacrifices for the people’s sins, he went into the holy of holies. He stood before God on the people’s behalf.

But now that the veil is torn, God has made us the priests, He has made us the temple. It is now our job to represent God and offer ourselves as a living sacrifice and come boldly to the throne room.

It is time for us to rise up and build. It is time for the church to focus on God like it never has before.

The times we are living in is so crazy. It’s so dark. Every day it gets darker. Morals are being thrown out. Wrong is right and right is wrong. But as this world gets darker, the light will get brighter. Thats us. But the light will only get stronger as we get stronger. We have to rise up and build.

Many will go to hell saying to God, have we not prophesied, have we not cast out demons, have we not done miracles in your name? It is wonderful to be used of God, it really is. But what do you do after God blesses you with the gifts? Its not about the gifts or the work we do for God but its the relationship. In the end, it won’t matter all the work you did for the Lord if you never spent time with Him. It won’t matter if you cast out demons and performed miracles if you never had a relationship with Him.

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