“I Did Not Leave You Fatherless”

On July 4th, 2018, God decided to take my dad home. His blood sugar had dropped from being diabetic, he couldn’t get it back up. I won’t give all the details but it ended up causing him to go into a coma. He was rushed to emergency room and they told us that he had suffered brain damage and probably wouldn’t wake up.

We decided to pull the plug. I remember walking out of the room, walking to a huge window at the end of the hallway praying “God, what are you doing?”. God spoke to me and said, “I want him in heaven with me”. After that I had so much peace. I knew everything was going to be ok and that God was in control.

I remember always being able to turn to my dad for help with anything. He was able to pull money out of the sky for us even when he didn’t have two dimes to rub together. He always gave the best advice and was my biggest support.

After he passed, that’s what I missed most about him, his support. I wasn’t able to turn to him anymore for advice, to ask for help, or just to simply rant about life.

After he had passed and covid hit, it left my husband and I in a financial bind and all I could think was, “I wish dad was still here, he would know what to do”. I remember praying that to God and He spoke to me and said, “I did not leave you fatherless”.

Many times we forget that God loves us the way our earthly fathers do. We were not created to worry or to live our lives feeling hopeless and stressed. But Jesus came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly! God wants to be our provider, our peace, our help, and our comfort.

I look at my husband with our son and the love that he has for that little boy is so special! He would do anything for his son!

If our earthly father know how to help us and love us, how much more so does our heavenly father! It’s so peaceful to know that God loves us that way. He would do anything for us, even die for us and take our punishment!

There’s nothing to small or too big when it comes to God. We have the best father there is!

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