New Year, Same Church

We’ve heard the saying “new year, new me” and I wanted to write something about “new year, same God” but as I thought of that, i felt to change it to “new year, same church”

When I say same church, I don’t mean the modern traditional church. But I mean the same church from the book of acts.

After Jesus ascends into the heavens, and His spirit was poured out on mankind, that’s when the church began. But there wasn’t a church building. The disciples gathered and worshipped in houses and rooms where they were staying. They did not come together in the same exact location every Sunday and Wednesday but they traveled and shared the gospel everywhere they went.

The church began with the outpouring of God’s spirit on the day of pentecost. God poured out his spirit on the disciples in a room they were staying. The sound was so loud that large crowd gathered around to see what was happening.

Then Peter used this opportunity to preach to the crowd which I imagine to be gathered in the streets around this building they were in. God then poured out His spirit and about 3,000 of that crowd were baptized and added to the body of Christ.

The body of Christ is not a church building. The body of Christ was spread all throughout Jerusalem. They performed signs and miracles. They met in the temple, in private homes, and in the streets. Acts chapter 4 says that they sold their things and shared all they had with those in need. God’s favor rested on them as they did His work. They were always on the move and God blessed them. They were never in need of anything because God continuously blessed them as they testified to everyone they met.

The disciples used what they knew and what was available to them. They walked everywhere back then and naturally you would run into people while walking and that’s the platform they used. Now with the virus in the world, its harder to reach people in person. People are not gathering in churches in fear of not being able to social distance and fear of catching the virus. So I look to the early church. The church in the book of acts was not in a church building. So new year, same church. If we want to spread the gospel in this new year and the virus in the world, we have to get out of the four walls of the church building. People are not coming the way they used to.

How can we do that? The disciples used what was available to them and that’s what we need to do. One big thing we can use is social media. What a great way to reach hundreds if not millions! All with the touch of a button, the gospel is spread. I think sometimes “well what if the word God gave me doesn’t reach that many people”? As long as the word reaches one soul that in itself is victory and worthy of celebrating!

With the new year, I want to be apart of the same church in the book of acts. I want to do God’s work outside of the four walls. I want to give sacrificially and tell everyone I can whenever and however I can all about Jesus!

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