It’s Friday, But Sunday is Coming!

Thinking about the power and significance of today. Today is the day that God took my place on the cross. He knew that I would be born into sin and He knew that sin only leads to death. He knew that death was my destiny. The sacrifice for sin had always been the blood of the innocent lamb (and/or other animals) so He took on that role for me. He came to earth and lived out a holy, innocent, sinless life. Today He was beaten, whipped, mocked, and ridiculed all so I would not have to be. Today He stood in my place, conquering the sin of the world.

His blood was shed for my sins to be forever gone. The veil was torn so that I could be apart of the priesthood and step into the holy of holies into His presence whenever I would like. Today signifies the day He died. The world thought it was defeated. The creater of the universe and mankind was just killed on the cross. All hope was gone. The devil and his army was rejoicing. But, little did they know, Sunday was coming.

Sunday was coming when He would rise from the grave and have victory over death. Today makes me think of the times I have felt worn out living for God. I have felt beat up. It’s not always easy living for God. There are days where the devil trys to convince me that I am losing and am defeated but the day is coming where Jesus will come again in glory and the enemy will be defeated once again! Nothing in this world compares to the joy and the glory that will be revealed that day. The battles on earth will all be worth it one day!

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

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