Tabernacle Prayer

The tabernacle prayer is a great tool for if you want to get more out of your prayer time or if you don’t know what to pray or if you just want to pray longer. Every item in the tabernacle symbolizes something to pray about.

Outer Court

1. Enter His gates with Thanksgiving. Always start your prayer thanking and praising God.

2. Brazen altar of repentance. This is where you repent of your sins. The brazen altar is a place of death. This is where you will deal with things no one else knows about. Bring to God every issue you struggle with. Kill the issue, the sin, before you move on.

3. Laver of water. The priests would be able to see their reflection in the laver of water until they washed the blood off their hands in it. The cleansed themselves until they could no longer see themselves. This is where you “wash off your sacrifice”. You have repented and now you need to cleanse yourself with Gods word. Read the bible until you “feel clean”. A great verse to read is psalms 51. You’re not done until your flesh is gone.

3 1/2. The priests put on the garments before entering the inner court. These garments had fruits and bells at the hem and they represent the fruits and gifts of the spirit. Pray that the fruits and gifts of the spirit will lead you.

4. The 5 pillars. Before entering the inner court, the priest would have to pass through the 5 pillars. Each pillar represents the names of God: wonderful, counselor, mighty God, Everlasting father, and the prince of peace.

  • Wonderful- Praise God for how wonderful He is. It’s hard to complain when you’re telling God how great He is.
  • Counselor- Pray for counsel. Which roads do I take? Who do I talk to today? Order my facial expressions, the words I say, the steps I take. Guide every one of my descisions. Anything you don’t bring God to counsel, hell is authorized to counsel for you.
  • Mighty God- Declare that you know He is true. Pray against the enemy of truth. Pray for truth to be released across the world. Pray that God’s truth will penetrate every fear, doubt, and lie in your church and family.
  • Everlasting Father– He is the father to those who I cannot reach. Pray for the forgotten, the widows, handicapped, homeless, orphans, single parents, the abandoned. (Its very easy to tap into intersessory prayer here).
  • Prince of Peace- Pray for peace. Pray there is peace in Jerusalem, America (against terrorism), the middle east, in the church, in the leadership, in your family.

Inner Court

5. Candlestick. The candlestick was lit to light up the inner court. Pray to be filled with the holy ghost. Pray that God will use you as a light in this world. Pray God will be a light to your path.

6. Table of shewbread. The bread represents God’s word. Read your bible again and let it feed you and give you strength. The table represents those who hold up Gods word. After you spend time reading, pray for your bishop, your pastor, missionaries, and evangelists.

7. Altar of insence. The insence had 4 ingrediants; Stacte which is found anywhere in a tree, Arnica which is found in the depths of the red sea, Galbanum which comes from a tree only when it’s broken, and Frankincense which was used to put on child in their early life. The insence was worship to God and with these ingrediants, you’re telling God I’ll bring you anywhere, anytime, deep, broken, worship early everyday.

Holy of Holies

8. The veil. Thank God for all He has done while He was on earth. Thank Him for every miracle, parable, fast, and every risen death. Thank Him for dying on the cross and tearimg the veil.

9. Mercy seat. The priests would put blood from the sacrifice on the mercy seat. Everything you repented of needs God’s mercy. Pray for God’s mercy on your life, your health, your kids, your wealth, your family. Thank God for His blood.

10. Ark of the covenant. This is where God dwelt. Inside the ark was mana, the ten commandments, and Aarons rod.

  • Mana- Pray for daily provision. Bring to God your needs, what you need provision for.
  • Ten Commandments- Pray that God will help you keep the commandments. Ask God to let His word be your direction.
  • Aaron’s Rod- This rod was used for many miracles. Pray with the authority of the name of Jesus. Pray for miracles.

11. When the priests were done, the would look up and see the angels sewn into the top of the curtain. Close out the prayer with praying for God’s angels to go with you.

One thought on “Tabernacle Prayer

  1. Praise the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ brethren hi my name is Javier zuñiga jr and I just wanted to know if I pray this prayer how many times a day I appreciate it you I love this pattern of prayer God bless you and family and congregation members 👪 🙏❤


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