Healing People is As Easy As Recieveing The Holy Ghost

The word authority has really been on my heart lately. We have authority over all situations in our lives. I was reading the story about the paralyzed man who was lowered down to Jesus through a hole in the roof. Jesus says, “your sins are forgiven” to the paralyzed man and the pharisees questioned the statement. Then Jesus said to them, “which is easier to say? Your sins are forgiven? Or take up your bed and walk?” as the man stood up, rejoiced, and walked away. So the question is which is easier? They are one in the same! We always act like getting the holy ghost is so easy and praying someone through to the holy ghost is easy but we see someone in a wheelchair and think it’s close to impossible. But the “difficulty level” is exactly the same between the two. We have the authority over these situations. The bible says we will have power when the holy ghost comes on us and GREATER things than these (healings the apostles did) shall WE do. Laying hands on someone and using the power of God to heal someone is JUST AS easy as laying hands on someone and them receiving the holy ghost. Just a thought for today..😊

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