He Lifts You Up

We all go through valleys and mountains. Sometimes our schedules change and then all of a sudden we have to rearrange simple tasks like the time of breakfast or time of prayer.

This just happened to me. My schedule at work changed and I had to change my routine a little and my time for reading my bible somehow got lost in the midst.

I can definitely feel a huge difference in the days I read and the days I don’t. At the end of this week, I was feeling so low! You know how the devil is, telling you that you’ve disappointed God and all. I kept pushing through and telling myself that it’s impossible to disappoint God! He already knows everything you’re going to do! So nothing takes Him by surprise!

While I was at church that Sunday when I was feeling low, I was praying and worshipping and just enjoying God’s presence, then a picture popped up in my mind. It wasn’t a vision or a dream, it was just a picture, like a thought. I know it was from the Lord though. I saw me falling backwards and God was behind me and He just simply caught me and pushed me back up on my feet. To me, it symbolized the way I was feeling and how God just restores us. When we feel a little scattered, all we have to do is lean on God for strength. He is the one who lifts us up. He is our provider. He is our help in time of need.

Isn’t it just wonderful to know we serve a God like this? A God who will never let us down, literally!  When you feel scattered or overwhelmed, just lean back on God. Don’t try to carry the load yourself. Lean back and let God carry you and your burdens.

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