Asaph on Suffering

Have you heard of Asaph? He goes quite unrecognized.
Asaph was the brother of zechariah the prophet and was one of king David’s “music directors”. He was one of the three chief musicians. He was very talented like David was. He conducted the music that was played in the tent where the ark of the covenant was held.

He wrote 12 of the psalms and wrote more scripture than some of our minor prophets have. He’s also very relatable because he went through many challenges that we all go through as Christians and that’s why he is important.

In Psalms 77, he went through some very hard times.
And I said, This is my infirmity: but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most High.  I will remember the works of the Lord : surely I will remember thy wonders of old.
Psalms 77:10-11

In the first few verses of psalms 77, Asaph is very upset about something. He said that his soul refused to be comforted. He was in a place where it felt like God had left him and his people. But, instead of having a pitty party about how horrible life is, he thought about what the Lord has done in the past.

Asaph started to think about what the Lord had done for him and for the Israelites and then his  sorrow turned into joy. The rest of the chapter was him worshipping the Lord.

When we are going through our deep valleys, it is important to not dwell on the present. When you dwell on the valley situation, it makes it difficult to have perspective. But think about what the Lord has done for you! Remember the time when God filled you with the holy ghost? Remember the time when God delivered you from your addiction? Remember when He saved you from the pits of hell and when he spoke to your heart about that little thing that was bothering you? Start worshipping the Lord! Worship will pull you out of the valley faster than you could ever imagine!

Just because you can’t feel Him now doesn’t mean He’s done working in your life. God never changes! So if He was working in your life a year ago, then He is working in your life today. If He was ministering to your heart yesterday then He will be ministering to your heart tomorrow!

Don’t dwell on your “dead” situation. Rejoice in what God has done in your life and rejoice in what He will do in your life!

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