The Beauty in Sin

The world we live in is so dark, it’s so full of sin and just unpleasant. But at the same time it has a deep beauty that no man can recreate or deny. Living in this world can be really hard, but very fun at the same time. You have to find the balance between ugly and beauty. We’re living in a world that we can see, and it’s so beautiful but we can’t touch because it’s toxic, and if we get to close, we’re in danger of falling into the world’s ways of living, way of thinking. This world was created to be a beautiful thing and so were humans but ever since sin entered the world, beauty and ugliness have been battling it out. When sin entered this world, the human mind and heart and flesh became corrupt making it ugly, but just like the world, it’s filthy and sinful but still holds beauty. Why? For one, we’re made in the image of a beautiful holy God. Just like how God created the world for His glory, He created us for His glory, His glory is a beautiful thing that no sin or filth can cover up. Another beautiful thing about our sinful filthy souls is that where sin abounds, grace abounds even more, making sin a beautiful thing. We sin and we’re going to keep sinning, it’s who we are and our nature, but whenever that sin is taking place in our hearts, God’s grace is there and it’s more evident than that sin. That’s the beauty of it. I heard a story of how a king had a big diamond but something happened to it and it cracked, he called all of his servants and jewelers and everyone he could think of but no one could fix the diamond. Then an artist heard about the kings problem and asked if he could try to fix it, and the king let him have it and the artist began to carve the diamond, all around the crack and then gave it back to the king. He was astonished because when he looked at the diamond and where the crack once was, was now a beautiful rose and the crack became the stem. Just like the world and diamond and the human body, we have a beauty to us that even if we have sin in our hearts, beauty will take over by the grace of God and will make our sin something beautiful and turn it into His glory

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